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2003 UK Britannia 1-oz Gold Coin

Obverse Image - UK 2003 Britannia 1-oz Gold Coin
Reverse Image - UK 2003 Britannia 1-oz Gold Coin
Coin Specifications
Gold Content1 oz.
Face Value£100
Year of Issue2003

The stunning design by master sculptor Philip Nathan, features the side profile of Britannia wearing a helmet. On the obverse is the portrait of the British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

The 2003 UK Britannia 1oz Gold Coin was struck by the British Royal Mint in the year 2003 and belongs to the Britannia series of gold bullion coins. Each 22 carat fine gold coin contains 1 troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of gold and is legal tender with a face value of £100.

While the one ounce coins are generally the most popular amongst bullion investors, the British 2003 Britannia Gold coin also comes in fractional ounce sizes of half, quarter and one-tenth oz.

Other Denominations for the 2003 UK Britannia Gold Coin
Gold Content1/2 oz1/4 oz1/10 oz
Face Value£50£25£10

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