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1795 US Turban Head Eagle Gold Coin

Obverse Image - US 1795 Turban Head Eagle 0.5158-oz Gold Coin
Reverse Image - US 1795 Turban Head Eagle 0.5158-oz Gold Coin
Coin Specifications
Gold Content0.5158 oz.
Face Value$10
SeriesTurban Head Eagle
Year of Issue1795

Many numismatists refer to these early gold eagles as Turban Head Eagles, after the style of the cap worn by Miss Liberty. Their original names were known as Capped Bust to Right Eagles.

The small eagle on the reverse was widely criticised for being a weakling bird. Concerned about the image of the United States projected overseas by US coinage, Mint officials began a search to find a more powerful emblem to grace the reverse. Eventually, the Great Seal of the United States was selected as a replacement. The new design, based on the Great Seal, is often called the large, or "Heraldic" eagle design and first appeared on the gold eagle in 1797.

The 1795 US Turban Head Eagle Gold Coin was struck by the US Mint in the year 1795 and belongs to the Turban Head Eagle series of gold bullion coins. Each .9167 fine gold coin contains 0.5158 troy ounce (16.0423 grams) of gold and is legal tender with a face value of $10.

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